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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 4th June 2015

    Key Words: Nuclear Subs, LNG, Power Station, World Environment Day, Traffic, and Jellyfish

    Its certainly been a busy few weeks on the environmental front- from nuclear subs to on going press exchanges in the media on the new power station and LNG; we have also seen a few changes underway regarding traffic management measures and heard the Minister for Transport announce on a television party political broadcast that an implementation plan on traffic and transport measures will soon be published. Everyone knows how the trickier aspects of the plan, to target core traffic problems and create real changes on the ground, requires political courage and public support. Lets hope for all our sakes that there will be sufficient quantities of both to move forward with these as fast as possible.

    The ESG continues to raise its concerns directly with Government over the need for more information to be published regarding its full intentions for the new power station and all technical and safety reports supporting its decision.

    Tomorrow sees World Environment Day celebrated in Gibraltar. This years theme is ”Consume with Care” – an ethos very closely tied with Reduce, Reuse Recycle. This mantra is one that we, as a group, have firmly supported via our Clean up the World campaign urging everyone to recycle and to think about their day-to-day actions. Of course with 7 billion of us and counting, individual actions MUST be accompanied by government policies and industry support. It was heartening to hear France’s latest pledge, for instance, confirming that all its supermarket chains have to donate unsold food stocks to charities, for animal feed, or towards energy production. It would no longer allow this precious resource to end up in landfill. Its incredible both that it was going to landfill and that it has taken legislation to change this –still, if that’s what is needed, then all other countries should follow. How about Gibraltar? With more of these common sense measures we could start turning the tide, much needs to be done.

    It is well documented that at the going rate of consumption, three planets will be needed to meet the demands of a fast growing population, believed to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Our Worlds resources should be shared more equitably, of that there is no doubt – how this can be achieved with our ruthless yet practical capital system of growth is hard to see but many will agree that the World Environment Day 2015 theme of Seven Billion Dreams – One Planet – Consume with Care – makes a lot of sense and should be strived for. Each of us has a role to play too and tomorrow will remind us just how to do this.

    Check out the World Environment Day event at the Piazza tomorrow between 10am and 2pm marking this important date in the environmental calendar. The ESG will have a stall there too.

    Many are already aware of the huge presence of jellyfish in our waters at this time. They have been largely absent in the recent past but may be here to stay for the summer. Do, therefore, watch out, if you need too cool off. Global warming, overfishing and human intervention – especially breakwaters that protect sandy beaches but provide a home for larvae – are all blamed.

    Also, Western beach continues to record regular sewage readings on the bathing water data site operated by the Environmental Agency – so check out before you swim is the sensible motto this summer! Their website is environmental-agency.gi.

    To learn more about the ESG please visit our website at: www.esg-gib.net call us on 200-48996, mobile 54960000 or email us with any enquiry to: esg@gibtelecom.net