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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 31/05/12

    ESG Radio Newsletters: 31st May round up!

    • Concerned about the rising levels of air pollution from our power generating stations– situation can only get worse during the hot summer months and the ESG is meeting with Government regularly but knows that a decision for a replacement, clean solution continues –see ESG PR for more details:
    • Another Planning meeting took place on the 24th May. Here there were some items of interest: more mobile phone mast applications demanding the need for a protocol to establish criteria when permitting such applications to go through; another “hot” topic is the proposed new Tank Farm in the Port area which is going through with an EIA screening report and not a full blown EIA. The ESG has issues with this as this additional tank farm will add to the heavy industry in the region which has seen residential areas grow ever closer. The potential impact also on the water intakes for the desalination plant nearby is another reason why we are concerned about no EIA. We continue to lobby on these issues
    • For bunkering fumes and other air pollution issues we have been providing a number for the public to call, that of the bunkering superintendent- this is 56001652. We are told this is about to change but the ESG does not have the replacement contact number – so do use the number here and the official can always give you the new number if that is operational
    • Many of you will be aware of the CUTW Campaign which we have organised on the Rock for the past seven years. While the campaign has undoubtedly achieved a lot over the years we still wait for proper enclosure at the City Dump, enforcement on littering and better coordination between all agencies and NGO’s so that Gibraltar’s physical, urban and natural spaces can be better managed. The revival of a Litter Committee including all the main bodies called by the Minister for the Environment was another milestone achievement for our group. Date for 2012m is 22nd September for the clean up with a week- long exhibition following on at the John Mackintosh Hall.
    World Environment Day was celebrated by our local schools this week with energetic musical renditions of carefully crafted songs and dance focusing on environmental messages. Was very impressive, well done to all involved and organisers: Dept of Environment
    Sewage pollution at our beaches continues to result in a closed Western Beach and two Spanish beaches also closed on the eastern coastline, just north of Eastern beach. ESG is busy exchanging information with MEP’s and others on this latest situation and has also been in correspondence with the EC. It is truly astonishing how long it takes for problems such as these to be tackled by the EC. Even when they acknowledge there is a case their ability to take action appears limited and long drawn out. Still, we shall persevere until this situation is resolved
    Fishing etc. Talks continue and it’s possible that with the help of the UK Govt the latest effort by the Gibraltar Government to enforce nature protection laws will prevail and some changes will be seen in the fishing practices of the Spanish vessels. We continue to wait alongside everyone else to see what transpires and hope that a more sustainable outcome will result from all the effort.

    Thanks for listening