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    ESG Radio Newsletter November 28th 2019

    Hi there!

    During the past few weeks, and, post elections, things have been normalising somewhat. We have followed proceedings very closely and with much interest. The ESG has published its List of Objectives to coincide with elections over many years and this proved very helpful when lobbying the parties. It also helped ensure that many of our issues were covered in the manifestos subsequently launched by them. If you visit our website at www.esg-gib.net  you will find details of our objectives as well as our press statements and transcripts of our radio broadcasts, both current and historic. You can also click here: http://www.esg-gib.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/LIST-OF-OBJECTIVES-September-2019_.pdf

    We now enter a period of follow up with meetings with government and other parties and will be pressing for action in the areas we are most concerned about – these include climate change, traffic, pollution and more.

    Last week the DPC, (the Development & Planning Commission), held a meeting with an agenda that included projects such as Amar Bakery and Rialto Cinema.  These were deferred – among the issues discussed though were two applications for 5G antennae.

    Our ESG representative on the panel explained our position and concerns regarding the roll-out of 5G across the globe – and more specifically in Gibraltar, calling for more information to be made available to the public on the questions being asked by scientists, doctors and politicians about the safety of this technology. Gibtelecom Jansen Reyes agreed to participate in a public debate where a question and answer session can take place and a productive discussion can follow. Details of the 5G debate will be released soon  – hopefully this side of Christmas.

    We can’t let you go without sharing some news on our flagship campaign Clean up the World. We are pleased to confirm that voluntary clean ups continue and we have been able to loan out equipment to a few teams keen on helping the environment.

    Weather has proved a deterrent for our avid team hoping to revisit our ‘boat access only’ site at Seven Sisters to continue working there, but perhaps we will get a lucky break soon.

    That’s it for now. The next DPC meeting, and last one of the year, will take place on the 12th December.  For those who may be unaware you can find the agenda for that mtg online a week before the actual commission meeting. It is quite possible that a  number of large projects will be considered that day

    As the year inexorably draws to a close we are of course reminded that Christmas is not far off. Please be thoughtful this year with your purchasing and waste – remember that the West is buckling under the weight of plastics we consume and dispose of, and Christmas is an especially bad time for this.

    Thanks for listening – please get in contact if you would like any more information on our objectives – just drop us an email at esg@gibtelecom.net