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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 24.11.22

    Today we wanted to refer to a number of recent developments of particular interest to us.

    For instance many will be familiar with the Litter Campaign we run called Clean up the World. Also involving many of our schools, this campaign attracts the young and old to take actions that will benefit our environment and hometown. CUTW reports have been produced and follow up begins as we continue to highlight ongoing issues and campaign targets going forward.

    With COP27 barely round the corner we admit to being stunned at the news of the major project envisaged as part of the new FIFA Football Stadium.  Leaving the economic argument aside – which has already had quite some airing – we are concerned and interested to know how this large football stadium and associated economic generating infrastructure will meet our Climate Targets already set out? The last project approved by DPC was for smaller capacity and included solar energy among other green features. Climate change should be defining all our major activity and demands this project reaches highest possible energy saving, and lowest possible carbon footprint. We will be monitoring this project closely.

    The ESG believes development is moving too fast and not allowing our creaking infrastructure to match this pace. Plans have been filed to increase sewage capacity for the Eastside Project. But what of the rest of the town? It is time the Sewage treatment project is launched and other waste facilities also brought up to speed!!

    Moving on to Rosia Bay and the recent official notice released by Government. The ESG, GONHS, NAUTILUS Project and HERITAGE TRUST have jointly issued a statement welcoming this notice, which is looking at a more holistic approach. The Statement said the groups take further encouragement that the invitation does not refer to residential development, which is a very firm red line, as would be any building of significant massing at the site – including on the platform – that obscures the historic monuments at the site.

    Please make a note for the next DPC mtg taking place on the 15th December, which will be the last one for 2022. The ESG would like to see us revert to physical meetings, live streamed, allowing the community to be present and giving a higher profile to decisions, which, after all, affect us all as we continue to develop at the pace we do today.

    Thanks for listening and go to esg-gib.net for more statements and information on issues we follow.