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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 15/02/16

    ESG Radio Newsletter 11th February 2016

    Key words: AGADEN 40 years – New Refinery threat – Wish List Lobbying – Fireworks at New Years – Balloons – Heritage Debates – Renewable Energy – What we all can do to help!

    We recently visited an important event in Algeciras marking the 40th Anniversary of the efforts of the environmental group AGADEN. In the main presentation of its work it became obvious that while not all the battles may have been won, there had been regular and consistent successes achieved in environmental protection and wildlife conservation down to the efforts of this dedicated group of people over time. Their passion and commitment was evident and all in all was a very positive visit for us that re-established links and a start, we hope, of new collaboration ahead.

    Naturally the New Refinery threat came up and we pledged to work together on this and closely monitor the situation. Plans are currently being formed to decide the next steps.

    The ESG recently held its first main meeting with the Ministry for the Environment post elections to discuss issues on our Wish List. Some of these were tackled and others require follow up and further discussion. We will be publishing an update on our wish list in the summer to reflect changes and/highlight on-going issues. You will find this on our website at esg-gib.net.

    On another matter, namely fireworks, a recent statement by the Senior Citizens of concerns over the uncontrolled firework activity during this years’ New Year celebrations is shared and supported by the ESG and many of our members. We have also been approached by several members of the public asking for help on this issue. Outside of the immediate impact the noise and smoke will have on anyone nearby, particularly on the elderly, the very young and on animals, the toxicity of these products, both in manufacture and in use is well known. So the message should really be – lets celebrate New Years but control the number of fireworks launched which should be done by the authorities and ban independent use, unless these can be restricted to a designated area with supervision and time limits enforced, as has been suggested by some. This would make it easier to enforce a ban in estates and residential areas. Hope this won’t need a petition!!

    The ESG will also be holding meetings soon regarding the issue of massive balloon releases on National Day. We sincerely hope that a strong and just as impressive alternative will be found soon that won’t impact on the environment. Watch this space.

    Interesting to hear of the heritage debates planned for 2016. Given that heritage often overlaps with environmental issues we certainly intend to be there and hope that concerned and interested members of the public will also go. Date is the 1st March as from 6.30pm at the Main Guard on John Mackintosh Square. (next to Gibtelecom).

    With news that the world’s largest offshore wind farm is to be built in the UK, powering over one million homes and providing 300 long-term jobs, and the first phase of a mega solar plant finally completed in Morocco, also planned to power around a million homes once the entire project is completed, the ESG feels inspired and encouraged that major changes on global energy use is within reach and do-able. Our recently announced membership of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition is also positive and we hope that on-going efforts to trial different renewable energy technologies in Gibraltar will pave the way for wider use locally in the not too distant future.

    Meanwhile we can all do our bit by conserving energy, recycling, taking care with our litter, walking more – it all helps our environment!

    Do get in touch if you would like any more information.. Email at esg@gibtelecom.net.

    Thanks for listening.