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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 140612

    In today’s radio broadcast we wanted to cover a number of environmental issues…Ahead of what was a highly successful and positive Royal visit, Gibraltar saw another oil spill, minor in nature, but nevertheless warranting a coordinated response by several Govt agencies to limit the pollution reaching marinas, our natural coastline, beaches, etc. Initial reports of arrest have since been substituted by Govt statements saying that measures need to be taken to apply liability in such accidents. ESG asks for the polluter paying principle to be applied and for the costs of such clean ups, with several Govt employees working throughout the weekend, to be borne by the polluter and not the tax payer. It is only through enforcing fines that careless actions by operators will be avoided and prevent further spills, all of which impact heavily on wildlife, and add up to having considerable impact year round on the environment.

    Looking ahead to next week the world waits in expectation for bold decisions to be made at the Rio +20 Summit. What is the Rio+ 20 Summit? Only one of the most crucial summits ever and yet taking place virtually uncovered in mainstream media. It is referred to as Rio+20 as the event falls exactly two decades after the famous 1992 Earth Summit in the same city. That conference is often cited as a key moment in the history of environmental politics as it established the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Rio Declaration and Agenda 21. All of which underpin the foundations upon which countries attempt to meet environmental targets and obligations today. To get a good idea about what will actually take place at the event and form your own opinion you can pick up a number of useful links on our website: esg-gib.net as from this afternoon.

    Closer to home we continue to monitor and engage with members of the public on environmental issues which affect them and this keeps us quite busy. Clearly power station pollution is a grave reality which can escape no-one’s notice and is desperately calling out for action by the present administration. The ESG carries information on a number of environmental issues on our website but you can also call us if you have a specific enquiry or problem. Email us also at esg@gibtelecom.net

    Petition doing the rounds at present by residents from north and south districts- please sign and pass on to your contacts:

    CUTW 2012 planning dates now confirmed as: 10th July and 7th August with a third taking place on the 14th September. Posters and notices in the media will soon be going out.

    Finally we would like to support a measure being announced by organisers of the Calentita evening tomorrow for people to take their own plates and cutlery and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. It’s a great idea and will ensure you not only eat well but feel good about protecting our environment. It’s down to all of us after all.