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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 12th October 2012

    ESG Radio Newsletter 12th October 2012

    Hi- today’s’ newsletter will highlight some of the action during this year’s CUTW campaign that saw widespread community support.

    The energy and physical activity unleashed over a few hours throughout Gibraltar was astounding, with many areas visibly transformed. Large quantities of waste were removed from new or existing hotspots with sheer hard work from volunteers and other partners who provided specialised equipment and resources to shift this in a short space of time – The results and recommendations of the Clean up on a site by site basis are contained in a report to be submitted to Govt and the Litter Committee for consideration.
    If your team took part you may want to visit our website which carries an article and photographs of volunteers: go to esg-gib.net and news for info and click on the flickr link for pictures.

    Because so many of our community leaders support CUTW they in turn influence their peer groups and is why awareness under this campaign spreads so effectively. Ultimately, however, we believe that awareness and facilities must be supported by fines carried out by dedicated Litter Wardens. .

    The energy and glee from the young and not so young on the colourful Parade was a resounding success and messages on respecting and cleaning up our environment and calls for recycling were made loud and clear. With a government actively responding to our campaign there is hope that progress will be maintained.

    Immediately after the clean up the ESG organised a weeklong Exhibition rich in a variety of displays from various associations and schools. A mini cinema screened environmental films and workshops were held on organic food and sustainability and creating art from waste. Feedback from pupils and teachers was very positive encouraging us to plan more workshops in future.
    Thanks again to everyone whose efforts ensured a CUTW success in 2012.

    As Gibraltar prepares for Al Gore’s visit and the Thinking Green Conference it cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that the ex vice president of the USA commands both attention and controversy.

    It will be interesting to hear what he and his colleague have to say that can help bring about positive environmental benefits for Gibraltar. As a long established environmental NGO, we know how important these issues are and see the visit in an optimistic light. The appeal, this time, is made to businesses to take on responsibility for converting their companies to greener performance and choices. This is a valid goal. The surrounding noise about the visit, costs, structure of conference and more rushing through social and other media will no doubt continue until Mr Gore has been and gone. We have spoken out against Nature Company sponsoring part of the costs and have made the specific reasons for this known. You can read about this also on our news section on our website.

    Debates and discussion should certainly follow the conference to discuss the substance of what we can do here in Gibraltar to make important environmental changes and the ESG, for one, intends to continue working hard for these measures.