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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 05.03.20

    The ESG visited the new Power Station this week and followed up on a number of issues of interest. These included real time monitoring, onshore power provision, the projected full commissioning date for the new Power Station, the issue of skid generators, and more. A separate statement will be released soon.

    Additionally the group has been holding a series of meetings with the Transport Ministry and new Minister highlighting our concerns on traffic issues; in particular about Gibraltar’s need to take on the bigger challenges associated with reducing traffic volume on our streets, encouraging cleaner and alternate modes of transport and tackling pollution as an urgent public health issue.

    For details on our aims in this important topic please visit our website at esg-gib.net – for our 2019 List of Objectives.

    The ESG was especially interested to observe the recent cross border technical meetings which took place in Algeciras. This was the start of the MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) regarding many issues post Brexit. Our interest is in cross border environmental management and response where we have taken up issues at EU level for the past 2 decades. The absence of this regulatory framework seriously troubles us and we are following developments closely to ensure the issues we have long campaigned on regarding the heavy chemical industries in the Campo area, as well as border sewage contamination from La Linea.

    Today, Climate Change is  being eclipsed by the coronavirus. It is incredible how life can change so quickly. However we continue to request publication of Governments Action plans on Climate Change and will keep up our focus on the environment whilst at the same time sincerely hoping that the best case scenario will prevail over the current global viral outbreak.

    Lets hope we can get back to the urgent issue of the day to make our planet a safer, cleaner and healthier place for us all – climate change will not wait.