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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 04.07.19

    ESG Radio Newsletter 4th July 2019


    – It has been an extremely busy time for environmental activism – a very good thing! July is the time we usually start planning our annual Clean up the World event that will make 2019 the 15th concurrent year Gibraltar supports this global, hands-on campaign. It promotes civic pride and highlights where this breaks down throughout Gibraltar in our green areas, underwater sites and coastline. Plans will now be rolled out and partners contacted in a bid to improve issues, not just on littering, but on waste management and handling, and on education and enforcement. The date is 21st September the day after the Parents March for Climate Action so a busy time ahead.

    – The ESG has always reached out to the community to address these environmental issues and the Clean up is one such example where multiple entities get involved to give this important agenda a major shift forward. Naturally we are very aware and supportive of the sustained efforts by The Nautilus Project with our schools focusing on the marine environment and plastic waste and inspiring the young to care. Very well done to them.

    – We have also been involved in a number of climate change events. Starting with ESG led public mtgs, this has seen a number of petitions and marches to bring these issues to the heart of our community. The collaboration between NGOs is very positive and includes: the GONHS, the Heritage Trust, The ESG, The Nautilus Project, Pollution Watch and Sustainable Gibraltar. Thanks to all those who came out in support of the march and to the 3MPs who received a copy of the House Petition on the day. What is clear is that the issue is urgent and we need urgent action plans.

    – There is a second, live petition online that will run through the summer– head to Change.org enter Parents strike Climate Gibraltar and you can add your signature. Please share with your family and friends. Petition will be handed to Government on completion of a march being held on the 20th September. It asks for the accurate assessment of the carbon contribution from our: Energy, Waste, Transport, Pollution & Development use and activity and contains a number of proposals. It asks for cross party support to fully depoliticise any ensuing plan.


    – Last weeks fire in San Roque was both shocking and worrying at the time and served to galvanise focus and concern over the large industrial complex once more. We went to an NGO gathering in San Roque and renewed links with many long-term friends and colleagues involved in cross border environmental campaigns. There is great concern that this fire underpinned the serious lack of adequate standards within these industries, the lack of independent monitoring of air pollution from these industries (a long held concern) and lack of inspection by pertinent authorities on how these industries are being run on the ground. Indeed the fact the Environmental Ministry in La Junta has been disbanded raises very serious concerns that are being played out with unauthorised reclamation, fast expansion of industrial facilities despite accidents heralding problems, rapid urbanisation of previously protected national park lands in Tarifa and more.


    – ESG is exploring the placing of complaints at cross border level with the EU and will also be supporting environmental protests calling for action on cleaning up and limiting the degradation of the natural environment in this part of the world. For those wanting to attend the protest in San Roque date is set for the 12th July at 8.30pm


    – We also look at our own issues locally and will be publishing our updated list of Objectives as we have done since 2003 as we enter the season of election preparations and lobbying of all political parties.


    – Catch a dedicated session of DPC next Monday 8th July at 9.30am where Bob Peliza Mews Govt proposal will be presented. The ESG has concerns about the proximity to a 24hour busy commercial port and these and other issues will be discussed at the mtg.