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  • ESG Radio Broadcast 29/05/14

    ESG Radio Newsletter – 29th May 2014

    Key Words: DPC, Mobile Masts, Victoria Stadium, Europort Road, Sullage Treatment, South District Pollution, Solar Freakin’ Highways and Clean up the World

    – Yesterdays’ DPC meeting touched on a number of issues we are working on at present, and so is a good way to start our newsletter today.  Once again mobile phone masts appeared on the agenda though these were the subject of deferment based on the need for their relocation. Our group intends to develop our own public awareness programme and will be launching this soon. We remind members and listeners concerned or interested in masts and related technology, to visit our facebook page dedicated to this issue where you can comment and send questions etc. It’s at Mobile Phone Mast Concern Gibraltar. You can read various articles and see videos posted produced by a number of respected experts in this field. We should like to make clear that we are not opposed to the mobile phone itself; simply to inform ourselves of personal use health factors and raise the issue of regulation of the supporting networks to be of the highest standards possible, and as already being followed by a growing number of countries.


    – The ESG raised questions on the Victoria Stadium agenda item – this described an extension to the main stand to accommodate UEFA upgrade requirements and was presented as a GOG project.  We called for clarification as to whether this was for the purposes of acquiring a full blown Category 3 stadium at Victoria, and therefore part of an ongoing process – The project before the DPC yesterday only included changes to accommodate VIPs, media, medical unit, etc. Additional seating, also required to meet UEFA rules, was not being discussed here.  The ESG was told the DPC could only assess this upgrade on planning terms and that further information should be sought from Government itself. We are now following this up.


    – The previously contentious development at Europort Road, that drew much public protest a few years back, when the application was for a multi-story data centre, has come up again, but this time as a five story office block that will have a much smaller impact on the surrounding area. Nevertheless there were objections strongly expressed at the meeting by affected residents and a decision is deferred subject to site visits etc.


    – Following the Sullage treatment story we are confident that Nature Group will not be able to secure permission in future for treatment of waste at its site, as the company confidently announced publicly to a stock exchange in London, for the benefit of its shareholders. For full details on this matter so far, please visit our website: esg-gib.net, and click on news.


    – The ESG has held a meeting with the Minister for the Environment where we raised the issue of south district air pollution. We are told that it should only be a matter of a few more weeks before the temporary generators are fully optimised to allow full or partial closure of the aging stations at Rosia Road, thereby improving air quality in the south once again.


    There are so many fascinating items of environmental interest available via the Internet and on social media. One such example which demonstrates the ingenuity of our species and how indeed, one day, we could solve our energy and pollution problems was presented to us just the other day –its about “Solar Freakin’ Highways’!! Please – Check it out. Passive solar collection using existing infrastructure with very clever simple technology – perhaps a great project for Gibraltar to embark on and showcase to the rest of the world!! We have had quite a lot of feedback on this one – please send us your thoughts – could this be the system to transform modern cities and finally remove the pervading pollution we consider synonymous with progress?? We urge our own Government to look at this system very carefully. Just google Solar Freakin Highways..


    Volunteer teams for Clean up the World are invited to now please sign up. Best to email esg@gibtelecom.net with contact name and details, team size and general fitness. We shall respond to you quickly advising the next steps. Individuals are also welcome to volunteer. The key date is the 20th September, which is a Saturday, although there are plans this year to hold a CUTW week as from the 17th September that will incorporate a full, varied programme and hopefully attract public interest.  More details soon.     Thanks for listening…