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    In today’s broadcast we would like to draw attention to various environmental topics of interest.

    Sewage at Western Beach – resolved?

    Firstly, and, important to note that this is, you will forgive my saying so, a rather fluid situation….. ! On the day we received confirmation from our Spanish colleagues, AGADEN, that La Linea Ayuntamiento had confirmed it was actively dealing with the main source of Western Beach pollution, an ESG member also confirmed seeing road works in the area supporting this latest bit of news.

    We obviously welcome this positive step but should add that even La Linea Ayuntamiento still claims that at times of heavy rainfall, sewage overflow will continue to discharge into the area. This leaves us in a bit of a conundrum. It means that until such time as the diversion is completely sealed off and piped to the treatment plant we risk recurring, haphazard, sewage matter entering Western Beach waters making this environment a difficult one to assess in terms of use and health and safety. We continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the Gibraltar Government and our MEPs in Brussels

    World Earth Day 2011:

    Yesterday saw a group of local environmental activists from the ESG and FoE Gibraltar hold an information and awareness stall at the Piazza. It proved to be of interest attracting a steady stream of visitors, new members signing up, and discussion of local environmental issues. It was encouraging to see young Gibraltarians concerned about the need to change local mentality with regards to environment, and how we ought to be giving these issues far more prominence than they currently receive; particularly in terms of harnessing renewable energy and controlling pollution levels.

    Of course, the stall was held to mark the recent passing of World Earth Day which sees a lot of action throughout the globe. This year this exciting campaign is highlighting an ongoing objective of reaching a Billion Acts of Green, number so far is over 100 million and is made up of individuals pledging simple or complex acts to help our environment: whether by biking or bussing instead of driving, supporting environmental campaigns, or recycling more of your rubbish? We can all, together, make a difference. Why not visit Earthday.org and make that pledge today? Also visit our web site at esg-gib.net for current information on local campaigns. Get involved!


    The ESG will, of course, maintain our efforts to improve Gibraltar’s environment by continuing to highlight the areas which concern us. In this election year, we hope to have further opportunities of realising more of these goals which we shall share with you in detail in our next broadcast in two weeks time.

    Public Health Conference:

    To end, we know that many of you will be interested to hear that Professor Benach, whose research exposed the alarming clusters of cancers and higher mortality in the provinces of Seville, Huelva and Cadiz, will soon be addressing a special conference in the Bay alongside his colleagues from the University of Seville and Toronto. The ESG has been invited to attend and we shall of course publish any useful information on what transpires at what is likely to be a very interesting conference.

    Thanks for listening