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  • ESG Press Release re GibDock Impacts 24.04.18

    ESG Press Release re GibDock impacts

    Key Words:  GibDock Impacts    Onshore Power Connection and Conversion   Paint Overspray and Daytime working hours

    ESG is concerned that despite the Govt statement issued in February 2018 of its aims to reduce GibDock impacts, citizens continue to experience noise and air pollution from the Dockyard area. Apart from the onshore connection and conversion provision that will be set up with the new LNG Power Station, control of works to daytime hours and paint over spray were two further issues that were also going to be addressed.

    The ESG calls upon Government to publish its intentions on how these environmental impacts will be contained and over what period of time, to at least inform the community, and those most impacted in particular, of the length of time present conditions must be tolerated. As achieved with the closure, or mothballing, of the two highly polluting stations, people are right to expect a step plan on how Govt will help deliver a pollution freer south district for all residents.