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  • ESG Press Release re Faroe Island Visit 8th June 2016

    ESG call for sharing of Gibraltar Nature Conservation Laws with the Faroe Islands

    8th June 2016

    The recent visit of the Faroe Islands Financial Delegation should not be logged in the local press as simply that of reaching out and sharing ideas between two small nations.

    Many know, and are concerned by the annual slaughter of dolphins and whales undertaken by the Faroe Islanders. A historic practice which continues today and has outlasted the passage of time, of new rules and understanding of threatened wildlife, and of the need for global conservation practices.

    Whales and Dolphins are already struggling to fight extinction in many parts of the world, from pollution, loss of habitat, overfishing and climate change.

    This annual practice of the taking out of entire pods cannot help sustain these species and has seen numerous petitions and campaigns over the years.

    We urge our Government to share our own Nature Protection and Conservation laws with the Faroe Islands administration as one positive way of future collaboration between the two small nations in a bid to express concern and firm opposition to this cruel and unsustainable practice.