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  • ESG Press Release on Climate Strategy Publication 19.11.21

    The ESG was glad to finally see the publication of our Climate Change Strategy on the last day of COP26. 

    It is crucial that we understand the challenge that lies before us, as a community, to radically reduce our carbon footprint alongside every other nation on the planet.

    However the group believes the strategy must include a transition away from our fossil fuel economy, supported by targets for reduction over time. To simply target City Emissions, a mere 8.5% of our TOTAL carbon impact, fails in meeting the magnitude of the task at hand and responsibility we bear. 

    With a plan targeting all of Gibraltar’s Emissions, cross party support should be sought, and a team appointed, to urgently roll out the Climate Strategy.

    The ESG intends to keep this matter in the public domain and will be pressing Government for answers.