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  • ESG Press Release on Brexit and Climate Change Protest 15th March 2019

    The ESG looks forward to the debate being held this evening by GBC Viewpoint on Brexit, ‘What If’, and hopes environmental issues such as waste, environmental protection and enforcement will be covered. As well as pragmatic issues of frontier fluidity and efficiency for people, goods, etc. the group is most concerned about cross border environmental issues that will not have much recourse post Brexit and with a major oil Installation and Refinery next door, raises some very serious concerns.


    Tomorrow Friday at 9am will see a protest on climate change at Casemates Square by some Gibraltar students, being held in solidarity with similar protests taking place throughout the world each month. Given the urgency of the most pressing issue facing humanity and the planet, with the greater impacts more likely to affect the next generations, it is positive and emboldening to see young people taking such a stand.


    The ESG lobbies for action on climate change year round with our monitoring of the development of renewable energy programme in Gibraltar as well as polluting sources and activity, commonly linked to production of greenhouse gasses and we shall be at the protest in support of its message.