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  • ESG PR on Tuna Fishing 18.08.20

    ESG Press Release re Tuna Fishing from Gibraltar

    The ESG has for some years been observing the developments regarding the local fishing of tuna from Gibraltar. 

    It supports the views held by both the GONHS and The Nautilus Project that our fundamental objective should be the conservation and protection of this species. It also supports the responsible actions taken both by the Department and Ministry for the Environment in controlling and managing the tuna fishing in practice today. 

    Nevertheless, the group would like to see Tuna Fishing banned in Gibraltar as we strive towards the conservation of our habitats and biodiversity especially as we exit Brexit and assume responsibility of the management of our waters. The group believes the Bay and Straits are important ecological zones for resident and migratory species and should therefore receive full protection from both sides of the border.

    While arguments rage over hunting from the wild and the issues surrounding the supply of this meat for human consumption, the ESG considers any animal or fish deemed to be endangered by the IUCN should simply cease to be killed for sport while other options such as tag and release, itself not without controversy or lethal implications for these creatures, be fully studied and considered beforehand.

    The ESG believes that Gibraltar should be supporting all efforts to conserve the magnificent creatures we are so privileged to enjoy and admire in our seas and pursue a ban on local tuna fishing.”