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  • ESG on Shell LNG Bunkering licence 27.01.21

    The ESG notes that Shell has been awarded an LNG bunker licence for ship-to-ship operations in Gibraltar. 

    It also realises that the Gibraltar Government has always maintained its support for this and for Shells interest in pursuing this course of action.

    The group has from the start of Shells presence in Gibraltar advocated highest standards and transparency from the company, and sought the same assurances from the Gibraltar Government believing the safety of the community to be of paramount importance. While it understands that burning LNG as opposed to Diesel will have environmental benefits it does not eliminate Greenhouse Gas emissions or air pollution altogether. Until such time as LNG totally replaces Diesel there will be an increase in pollution arising from this new licence.

    With Shell describing Gibraltar as one of the busiest ports in Europe it follows that from a climate change perspective this activity should be fully accounted for, including on its overall carbon impacts today, and for the next 10 and 20 years of the Climate Emergency. At present these are not recorded within City Emissions for action but as ‘Other emissions’.

    The group also asks where the supply of LNG will come from for the servicing of ships and tankers entering our Port? It also expresses concern that under normal circumstances our western anchorage points are extremely busy. This means that there will be even more ships being bunkered around our coastline, at least until LNG replaces Diesel as the fuel of choice in the Global Maritime World.

    The ESG will be taking up all these concerns directly with the Port and the Environmental authorities.