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  • ESG on Europa Pt and Football Stadium 170415

    Europa Point and Football Stadium

    ESG Press Release 17th April 2015

    The ESG would like to add its views to the on-going public debate by politicians and media on the issue of the Football Stadium located at Europa Point. At our committee meeting this week it was agreed that we would re-issue our press statement, published in March 2014, containing our concerns over the many environmental impacts posed by this project, to set the record straight, from our point of view.

    We believe the issues are not of design, or political, but of location with the many environmental impacts this major project could have: issues of

     Traffic/pollution/the brutal conversion of a valued unique and open landscape/ effects on the UNESCO bid/major litter threat in protected marine environment and more –

     The ESG urges for the outcome of the DPC meeting on this application, which directed the GFA to present information on the extensive environmental impact assessment for this location, as well as on all alternatives considered, to take place without further delay. This is a matter that concerns a great majority of our community. It is hoped that Gibraltar is mature enough to make the right decision on this and that the GFA can focus its energy on an appropriate site.

    **See following link for ESG March 2014 full statement on environmental concerns