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  • ESG on Dolphin Bar Proposal 17/10/16

    Public Spaces must not be privatised

    Apart from Camp Bay designated a public amenity and leisure area in the Gib Dev Plan, the application to convert the Dolphin Bar Restaurant into an apartment complex with restaurants, should be refused.

    It would set a very bad precedent – to concrete further our coastline which shows off Gibraltar’s natural beauty and synergy with Africa – also very popular with tourists and locals and must not be allowed to happen.

    The kiosk further along at Camp Bay was refused a second floor on application due to the impact this would have on the open panoramic views we all enjoy. To allow 7 floors at this very popular beach would go against all these measures and values and must be stopped.

    Camp Bay is as important to hundreds if not thousands of local families as is, for example, the Caleta, with generation after generation making this their destination of choice every summer and throughout the year, weather permitting. Predictably this application is seeing many objections lodged against it.

    The ESG values our quality of life and natural environment and believes that building private apartments in such valued, open public locations is unacceptable and that this application should be refused.