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  • ESG on Climate Protest and House Petition 01.07.19

    The ESG is very pleased with the outcome of the march held yesterday for action on Climate Change. It thanks Anne Marie Morello for proposing and organising the march and all NGOs and citizens that came out in support.


    Representatives from the GONHS, The Nautilus Project, Sustainable Gibraltar, Pollution Watch, Heritage Trust and the ESG were present.


    Aim of the march was twofold:


    – to raise awareness about the need for action on climate change and to maintain focus on this critical issue


    – to present a House Petition to all three parties via 3 members of parliament calling for a cross party approach to climate action amongst other measures


    Petitioners thank Dr John Cortes, Trevor Hammond and Marlene Hassan Nahon for receiving this petition and meeting with the marchers.

    Minister for the Environment presented petitioners with a formal reply which is now being considered.


    A spokesperson said, “It is clear that the growing, global public clamour for action is now being felt here in Gibraltar and meaningful, tangible steps towards reducing our climate impacts should be set out urgently”.


    On this point the ESG would like to welcome the tender announced today for renewable onshore wind power.


    NGOs also welcome the fact that the House Petition was laid before parliament today by Minister Cortes naming support from MPs Marlene H Nahon and Trevor Hammond. We now await developments.