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  • ESG congratulates Bishop FitzGerald Clean up – July 2019

    ESG Congratulates Bishop Fitzgerald’s School Clean up

    July 2019

    Before the end of term the entire year 7’s from Bishop Fitzgerald’s school carried out a very successful clean up at Eastern Beach.

    Apart from the incidental piece of plastic, the pupils managed to locate and remove quite a few large items of metal, wood etc. that they found in the

    northern section of the beach. They filled several bags and separated into different waste streams and were very pleased to do their bit for the



    The clean up resulted in a net gain for the natural environment and beach users alike. This has highlighted however, the fact that despite care taken, some

    construction waste is finding its way onto the beach and more needs to be done to contain this away from the recreational area.

    The ESG was very pleased to be able to kit out the 100 volunteers and teachers with gloves, pickers, buckets, bags, sacks etc. and commends the teachers for

    supporting the youngsters in carrying out such an important awareness-raising task ahead of the summer. The Department of the Environment also assisted in

    the collection of the rubbish removed by the pupils.