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  • ESG Concerns re Oil Spill 01092022

    “The ESG is watching the scenario unfold off the Caleta coastline with deep concern.

    It is alarming to see heavy fuel now escaping boom containment and moving into open water. Impacts will be damaging to our natural environment and indeed to our communities should tides move this slick onto land- we do not understand how this spill has not been contained, running clearly past the containment boom.

    We are concerned the worst-case scenario could now be before us and feel saddened and angry for our environment. The ESG hopes recovery efforts as described are as successful as possible in limiting the spread and removal of oil –even though, as is well established, traces of this contamination will remain in the environment for some time to come.

    The group adds it is willing to assist wherever possible and calls on the public to report any sightings of affected wildlife to the Department of the Environment.”