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  • Eastside Development and Public Participation 05.04.23

    The ESG has seen media announcements regarding financing for the Eastside development.

    The group would like to take this opportunity to raise a few important issues regarding this major development in the hope that more information will soon be shared with the community.

    At a key DPC meeting last year, where outline planning permission was granted for the land and marina projects, the general understanding was that concerns made over environmental impacts had been heard.  Recommendations were made that ongoing monitoring would be required over the lengthy period of time of construction – (some 10 years cited) to ensure that EIA outcomes, currently predicting no real impact on the marine environment, or water quality, were in fact, accurate. The ESG believes there are grounds for some of the concerns raised that requires further analysis.

    Additionally there was broad support for the reduction of small boat berths to half (200) of what was planned (400), and discussion on whether this would lead to reconfiguration of the marina, reduction in size, etc. The group asks whether plans are being revised or not.

    The ESG notes that each step of the development will see specific plans, materials and information presented to the DPC.  Notwithstanding, it believes that projects of such a transformational nature, changing the face of the Caleta area forever, should see additional promotion and public outreach outside of the planning process itself, by way of public exhibitions and models. This would enable dialogue and a fuller appreciation of the project vision, and hear concerns and questions from the community. This request was raised and responded to positively by TNG at the DPC meeting.

    The group hopes to hear of such steps being taken soon.