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  • Departure of the Captain of the Port March 2014


    ESG on the departure of the Captain of the Port                                                                                                        11th March 2014


    The ESG is sorry to learn of the sudden departure of the present Captain of the Port. There are major changes going on both within and adjacent to the Port area which require careful management and supervision. The new Port building set to be built near the Retrenchment block is another ambitious project which should have been overseen by the team under whom the concept was launched.


    We therefore regret the Captains decision to leave Gibraltar during this critical time but thank him for his co-operation and help when we have had reason to require assistance from his office.


    The ESG believes the Port area is in need of a holistic plan to manage the rapidly growing number of large projects and industry setting up within its footprint and has publicly called for such a plan on several occasions.


    The group further believes, given the scale of the challenges facing the Gibraltar Port Authority, that the departure of Captain Roy Stanbrook is premature.  His valued experience and contribution towards the Rocks’ maritime affairs will be sorely missed.