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  • CUTW 2020 Special – 01.11.20

    The OTWO Magazine November edition carries a lengthy article on the history of our Clean ups since 2005 right up to our more recent event in September. It shows the journey of our litter and waste issues and where we are today, which is rightfully much improved, with expectations for more!!

    Visit link : https://joom.ag/gHfC Pages 47 through to 67. 

    OTWO selected visuals from our website archives but you can find many more images on www.esg-gib.net/flickr – especially on team participation, going back quite a few years!

    Please check out and share.

    The purpose behind the Gib wide clean ups, of raising awareness, community engagement and pressing for ever improving standards, continues every September together with the Global action  – made possible by the Gibraltar community.

    We are very proud and grateful to all volunteers and supporters over the years and for helping make Gibraltar a safer and cleaner environment! Here’s to CUTW 2021 and to a wider scale Clean up Campaign, restricted this year due to Covid Rules.

    THANKS TO ALL FROM 2005 to 2020!!

    ESG – Organisers of Clean up the World Gibraltar since 2005