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  • CUTW 2012 SUCCESS!!!


    After a vibrant Parade and Square Event widely supported by the community and the Gibraltar Government forty-five teams tackled 31 sites throughout Gibraltar. Hotspots and difficult areas saw teams double up and work together this year. The traditional “mountain of waste” created for the past seven years will this year look quite different. This is because we have sent special waste items like electronics, timber, metal, furniture etc. to the appropriate facility recently opened on a seven day basis and therefore not added to our pile. The 7 day facility was a Government response to the CUTW campaign and Litter Committee and very much welcomed.

    Skips and large industrial sacks provided to teams to tackle hard to reach areas will see collection this coming week and therefore miss “the pile”.

    Nevertheless our mountain is still impressive and “open for viewing” until midday Monday 24th September at the City Dump.

    Organisers wish to thank EVERYONE involved this year who played an important role in clearing rubbish and raising awareness and helping meet the challenge of cleaning up Gibraltar.

    A full report will be published over the next few days.


    SPECIAL NEWS!! On Clean up the World Day Min Cortes announced that Gibraltar will very soon be collecting plastic, tetra bricks and cardboard/paper for onward recycling -great news!