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  • CUTW 2010 18/19th SEPT

    “The ESG wishes to remind team leaders and 1st time volunteers that their presence is required at the 2nd CUTW 2010 planning meeting taking place Friday 3rd September. Location for this meeting has been changed to John Mackintosh Hall, Lecture Room and will take place as from 8pm onwards. It is important for team leaders in particular to attend as site allocation and timings will be discussed. Its also important for volunteers to let organisers know if they will accept an invitation to a thank you party held at the Alameda Open Air Theatre on Sunday 19th between 3 and 6pm.

    The ESG wishes to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers and sponsors for their considerable support to date and look forward to an exciting and inspiring weekend together.
    Remember you can still sign up as a team or individual:
    email us on: esg@gibtelecom.net Call: 200-43156, 48996, Mobile 54960000”