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  • Coalition for Climate Action (CCA) 04.09.19

    Calls for Independent Climate Body

    The Coalition for Climate Action consists of entities including the Environmental Safety Group (ESG), The Nautilus Project (TNP), The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS), The Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Pollution Watch and Sustainable Gibraltar.  It came together in response to the Climate Emergency that was supported unanimously in parliament.  The motion was described by the Minister for the Environment as a call to action for the whole community.

    The Coalition asks that this be followed up by the setting up of an independent Climate Body that is tasked to ensure that Gibraltar meets its Carbon Responsibilities.  This body should report to parliament and the community, acting as a watchdog to monitor Gibraltar’s progress with regard to its commitments.  It can only be effective with cross-party and cross-community support and engagement.

    The Climate Body’s core aims should be:

    • Pollution – A transition away from the use and trade of fossil fuels
    • Waste – Further improvements to Gibraltar’s efforts to recycle
    • Energy – Harnessing all suitable renewable energy technologies
    • Transport – Action on traffic and further incentives for cleaner modes of transport
    • Development – Expansion of green areas and urban landscaping, protection of all existing carbon sinks, evaluation of development impacts as a carbon contributor with targets to address forecasts and uses within a holistic development plan for Gibraltar

    In addition to the above, the climate body should determine cost effective and practical recommendations for implementation strategies with a view to fully decarbonising Gibraltar. The year for complete carbon neutrality should be determined by the body in response to strategies being implemented and rolled out.  

    In order to determine that full decarbonisation has been reached, the Climate body should work with Government agencies to establish all sources of carbon emissions and determine ongoing patterns. The body should be set up in such a way to also consider pertinent information from all local stakeholders, including local NGOs. This information should form part of the annual report submitted.

    The group is currently collecting signatures for a petition that will be handed to Government on completion of a protest march taking place on the September 20 from Casemates at 5.30pm in support of a ‘Parents for Future – Climate Change Strike’.

    Public signatures collection:-

     4th September 10am to 2pm outside St Mary’s Cathedral on Main Street

    7th September 10am to 2pm outside Morrison’s Supermarket

    11th September 10am to 2pm outside Morrison’s Supermarket

    Additionally you can also sign petition online at:-