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  • Climate Change and DPC Newsletter 13/01/22

    – 2022 has arrived and environmental issues continue to be as important as ever. With this, our first Radio Broadcast of the year, we would like to discuss Climate Change and the Strategy released by Government and issues related to that.  Why is this so important you may ask? Well, many, if not all climate change impacts arise from polluting activity – thus action on climate will also bring us benefits of a cleaner and healthier environment.

    – You can find the strategy published on the Government website by searching for the Gibraltar Climate Strategy. Additionally, you can find other reports such as the 2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, which explains in detail where the key emission producers lie.

    – One of our big gripes is that the present Strategy, important as it is, looks at only 8% of our total GHG Emission liability, that is the City Emissions. That to us is unacceptable. Government has said it is looking at longer-term measures to tackle divestment from our fossil fuel economic reliance – but no plans exist so far. Opposition parties, it has to be said, have ignored completely this element of the Climate Strategy – seemingly everyone is walking on eggshells when it comes to our Oil Businesses on the Rock.

    But we will continue to press for action on this as well as on the need to deliver on other city emission commitments to improve on our transport, energy, waste, development and other polluting activities.

    Please see our website : www.esg-gib.net  for more information on this.

    Development is also a major environmental challenge in Gibraltar – why? Because of the significant construction which continues in Gibraltar. With the current Eastside project potentially offering a better deal for the environment that those previously proposed, in terms of scale of buildings, it cannot escape anyone’s attention that this area will change tremendously with the massive marina possibly being the largest impact. However, details are still to be presented in full on this project. You then have the Hilton plans to replace the Caleta Hotel, which has rightly caused outrage in the community and among our membership. Hassan’s Centenary Terraces can also be seen from many kms away – a true blot on the profile of our beautiful Rock. We will continue to voice our concerns and objections going forward and hope that the eastside can be developed sensitively, respecting the charm and natural beauty of the landscape, the Caleta Village and beaches in this part of Gibraltar.

    – You can see more applications online on the Town Planning Website –be sure to get your comments and views on projects you are concerned about within the deadlines.The next DPC mtg sits on the 20th January to discuss the next round of applications, you can follow proceedings online as from 9.30am and access the link from the Town Planning website. Be sure to tune in with a few controversial projects being considered!

    – Thanks for listening. We look forward to sharing our views on different aspects of the Strategy and our Wishlist going forward in the coming newsletters and hopefully create more debate on these crucial issues of our times.