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    ESG Post Clean up
    28th September 2015

    This weekend’s clean up was once again a great effort by hundreds of volunteers who took part.

    Organisers wish to thank those who gave time and energy and all partners and supporters who in some way made the day effective and a great success. Around twenty trucks of rubbish from different corners of the Rock and, at sea, made their way back to the Transfer Site at Europa Advance Road on what turned out to be a very hot day increasing the challenge for our volunteers considerably! While the volumes of waste have reduced over time, the effort in extracting the litter that is out there by the teams continues to be energetic, determined and a clear display of civic pride and respect for our environment.

    Many sites were transformed with teams recovering waste from, at times, sites that had seen a thorough clean only last year. The weekend action places the spotlight on on-going hotspots and neglected areas and organisers will ensure the information gained will be highlighted at every level.

    The team spirit and sense of satisfaction evident from participants was clear and awareness was raised on little known corners of Gibraltar which received attention from our hardworking teams. This year saw efforts in new directions including open water clean up, and litter lifted from the Europa Foreshore, which is now a Reserve.

    The Clean Up works because it engages members from all sectors of our community – from the younger generations via schools, youth clubs and associations, as well as the wider public via businesses, Govt agencies and NGOs.

    Each time the messages are getting out: too much litter in our small town; people need to take much better care with their rubbish; much of our lightweight waste becomes fly borne entering marine ecosystems causing havoc with marine life; facilities need to be improved; dumpers need to be fined; ultimately that we all have to take some responsibility.

    It is “Our Place, Our Planet and Our Responsibility” after all.

    A detailed report with images from teams covering the widespread action is now being compiled and will be published shortly.