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  • 25th November Radio Newsletter

    In today’s radio newsletter we wanted to focus on a couple of important local issues concerning our environment-
    the first is to do with traffic and transport issues- It has to be said that there is now a big difference for the motorist in traffic flow improvement at rush hour now that the new
    systems are almost all in place at Trafalgar and the Dudley Ward tunnel now open- However it is regrettable that these projectswere not prioritised and have taken so long to be completed causing great inconvenience to many and a worsening of our general quality of life on a daily basis. However, many of you will also realise now that crossing Trafalgar area is now quite a
    complicated business, it is so for residents, imagine what it’s like for tourists, who, one often sees, taking great risks and clambering over walls to dash across to safety- a perilous situation indeed. – Why was this not considered at the time of road reconstruction? Can we honestly believe that the resultant lights and zebra crossings were deemed to be adequate by the
    engineers concerned? Why wasn’t an underpass or over bridge worked into the system? We need to address this with some urgency, and before someone gets hurt.

    Another issue the ESG will be taking up directly with the Ministry for Transport is Dudley Ward Tunnel itself, the lack of extractor fans which results in a build up of toxic fumes during the day with little dispersal resulting in quite an unhealthy environment to be in. Should one break down, consider walking – which is out I understand, or cycling, the current conditions do not allow for this and must be addressed urgently.

    Govt has publicly called for the need for healthier modes of travel but it needs to support this by providing a safe environment for this to happen.

    It may interest you to know that this evening sees Part Two in a double bill on Viewpoint on the Environment. The last programme focused on Alternative Energy options for Gibraltar ahead of the Energy Symposium which took place recently. Tonight’s programme will be more locally focused discussing issues of air quality,
    cross border issues and many others- Be sure to tune in, the panel includes both the Minister and Shadow Minister for the Environment so it is a chance for you to place questions directly to those accountable for making decisions in this area. Also forming part of the panel will be Dr John Cortes and I. You can email questions directly to viewpoint@gbc.gi
    or call in on 200-79810. This is important; hope the public takes advantage of this opportunity.

    To finish on another issue, yes, you guessed right, sewage– current position is: nothing has changed. Beach remains closed and the campaign is very much alive. The ESG is helping beach users collect signatures and maintain a public presence on this matter via protests, so it doesn’t get forgotten. We do urge everyone to support this campaign- you can sign
    the petition if you haven’t yet done so on Main Street tomorrow lunchtime, and outside Morrison’s on Saturday morning. This petition will be widely used both locally and via our MEP’s in Brussels to help clean up this mess.

    The ESG is holding numerous meetings over the next few weeks at cross border level as well as with No6 on various issues and will be issuing updates in the media.