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  • World Earth Day – ESG launch brand new website

    The ESG is launching its new website to coincide with World Earth Day which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

    The new ESG website aims to:

    •    Develop and improve its information base to enable the public to readily access environmental information relevant to Gibraltar and the surrounding region
    •    Provide enhanced online facilities and social networking tools
    •    Portray a vibrant layout which the group believes will attract many visitors of all ages to the site and help recruit support for the ESG and increase awareness of important local, regional and international environmental issues

    Special thanks go to The Bonita Trust for building and financing the new website. This resource aims to enhance and improve Gibraltar’s environment for the benefit of all.

    We would also like to thank Jim Watt for supporting the ESG by maintaining our website for the last 7 years- his efforts have greatly aided our work.

    The ESG will also run a stall at the Piazza between 11.00am and 2.00pm on Thursday and will provide an opportunity for passers by to join the ESG as members; meet the team; discuss local and international environmental issues and ask questions. 2010 memberships can also be completed there and then and it would be great to meet old friends whose memberships may have lapsed, often solely due to busy lives. We ask that all friends past, present and future remember that being a member can involve as much or as little time as you can spare; the importance of being a member is to have a voice in addressing the issues which we and our children are experiencing.

    CUTW 2010:
    You can also sign up for the next Clean Up the World weekend, (whether ESG members or not). This campaign has been successfully running for 6 years now, thanks to many people, of all ages, who have wanted to be part of cleaning up Gibraltar and the World.  This years dates: weekend of the 18th and 19th September.