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  • The Bay Bucket Brigade to meet Andalucian Ombudsman

    The ESG confirms that a team from the Bay Bucket Brigade will be meeting with the Andalucian Ombudsman, Mr Jose Chamiso de la Rubia this coming Monday 13th June 2005.

    An appeal will be made directly by the cross border team to the important office of the Ombudsman for him to take an active interest in the conditions of the environment and pollution levels in the Bay. Given the neutrality of the Ombudsman’s’ office it is hoped that obtaining his support and briefing him of the sample finds and general concerns in person will be of significant value.

    Considering that as many pressure points as possible should be utilised, the BBB has agreed to meet with Mr. Jose Chamiso to discuss these and other issues such as the concerns over the CSIC reports and later retraction.

    Other environmental groups will attend as well as representatives from the worst affected residential area in Puente Mayorga.

    A report will be made after the visit.