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  • Spring Clean Up

    The ESG is pleased to report a successful clean up behind the area of the new Sports complex over the weekend. A team of 24 Clean up the World Volunteers made up of: Duke of Edinburgh participants, Victoria Stadium reps, St Johns Cadets, Bayside students (Environmental Club) and the ESG tackled a part of Gibraltar’s coastline which is frequently swamped by marine debris.

    Giving up valuable free time over a long weekend the motivated volunteers transformed an area covered in a shocking array of plastics, rope, wood etc. into a clean and sparkling site. A few tons were lifted off the rocks thus preventing this particular rubbish from returning to the open sea with the next change of tide –it was hard but rewarding work which raised many questions and discussions among the volunteers.

    50 large sacks of assorted waste and three one ton sacks of timber were filled in a matter of hours. A rough tally was kept of the categories of rubbish found – mainly various forms of plastic, a lot of timber, polystyrene (packaging) as well as the usual tin cans, shoes, plastic bottles, rope, glass, etc. A report will be sent to Clean up Greece, an NGO who is carrying out a major campaign on marine debris in the Mediterranean Sea.

    Thanks to all the volunteers and to Toyota Gibraltar for the use of their truck to dispose of the collected rubbish. The area will continue to be monitored by Victoria Stadium management.