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    The ESG and Bay Bucket Brigade have been extremely active this past week taking samples and visiting worst polluted areas in the Comarca. It is clear that the very heavy emissions over the weekend have been seen as the final straw for many inhabitants living close to the refinery.


    On Monday night Bay Bucket Brigade representatives visited Puente Mayorga and took a third sample after talking to residents who were holding an emergency session to discuss their concerns. There was talk about the residents blockading the entrance to the Refinery in the early hours of Tuesday morning which took place successfully and was later disbanded by police. The Bay Bucket Brigade has been informed of plans for a major demonstration to be held at the Refinery in early October and consider this


    * is long overdue

    * will receive its wholehearted support

    * and calls upon every Bay inhabitant to show up on the day and demand for immediate action to reduce intolerable levels of pollution


    Details of the major protest will be circulated soon in Gibraltar and Spain.