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    The ESG are delighted to hear the news of the new recycling venture being set up in Gibraltar. It wishes to offer any support or assistance it can to Steelmac Ltd and invites the company to get in touch with ESG members via their website www.esg-gib.net.

    That this announcement has come about as a surprise does not detract from what is a very positive and welcoming move on behalf of Govt and the private sector.

    Hopefully, the acute litter problem in Gibraltar will be partly addressed through this re-using/recycling attitude that should follow this initiative. It is hoped that parallel with the setting up of the bins there will be Government sponsored campaigns to encourage and promote the use of this long-awaited facility. The absence of paper however, is an issue that the ESG will take up with the Minister for the Environment when they meet for their first official meeting next week.

    Paper is a resource that is easily recyclable and is used in abundance in Gibraltar.
    The ESG also looks forward to news of the Govt. manifesto pledge to conduct a full Consolidated Waste Management Plan applying to the many types of waste produced in Gibraltar.