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  • Recycling bins on our streets at last!

    Recycling bins have finally appeared on our streets. A small, but very positive step, for a community which has ignored environmental progress in the past and may now be signalling the winds of change. ESG members have reacted very positively to the arrival of the bins.

    The ESG is hopeful that this new drive towards recycling glass and cans will be extended to other materials and also to a policy to: Reduce and Reuse.

    It’s clear from the phone calls and enquiries rec’d by the ESG that a sustained information campaign is needed. People want to know where the new bins are and how to use them. The ESG understands that more bins for glass and cans will be provided with other areas being serviced; this should allay concerns expressed of the lack of bins in certain parts of Gibraltar.

    An information campaign, while using tv, radio and written media, could be extended to include:

    -leafleting households/schools;
    -inclusion of recycling service and advice in utility bills;
    -posters in public areas;
    -list of locations on bins.

    Information could include location of bins, how to use them, and the benefits of recycling. Rules and regulations must also be introduced to address current littering problems and discourage the shocking attitude by a sizeable minority of simply dropping rubbish anywhere. Addressing littering, the need for litter wardens and regulating the new recycling service could form part of a wider anti-litter strategy we urge Govt to develop for Gibraltar. Clean up the World Campaign has highlighted the chronic problems we have regarding these important matters and we believe this to be an urgent issue; as much for the sake of our environment and quality of life, as it is for our reputation as a high-class tourist destination.

    In an interview on Monday, the Minister for the Environment and Tourism said the recycling bins was one step we had to take of many and that we were behind the times.

    We welcome his frank and positive statement and will hold him to his word that many more positive steps for our environment will now follow.