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  • Recent oil spill in the Bay

    The ESG wishes to comment on the recent spillage of fuel oil within the Bay. This was found to have been caused by the bunker “Eileen” resulting in the polluting episode affecting a stretch of Spanish coastline and a fine imposed upon the polluter.

    It is understood that this particular spillage was due to human error when one of the connecting transfer valves was left open allowing the fuel to flow into the Bay. This type of oversight is potentially very damaging to the environment; this time it was a moderate spillage, next time the quantities could be significantly higher with tragic consequences for our marine environment and wildlife.

    The ESG welcomes the heavy fine of 900,000 euros as well as other sanctions which have been imposed by the authorities on the owners of the Bunker “Eileen”. We trust that these sanctions will serve as a strong deterrent, encouraging bunkering vessels to operate in a manner that emphasises safety and best practices , thus minimising the likelihood of similar incidents in the future.