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  • Plataforma welcomes European Commission action

    The Plataforma por el Estudio Epidemiologico met last night and discussed the release of Denny Larson’s technical report on the CEPSA Oil Refinery produced after his inspection tour last year with MEP Neil Parish. Also under discussion was the upcoming enforcement of the IPPC Directive at the end of October, which will re-licence older industries to operate to tighter environmental controls.

    The Plataforma strongly welcomes the continued efforts by MEP Neil Parish in his support for cleaner industries in the Bay who yesterday submitted the 14,000 strong signature petition with the technical report he commissioned to the European Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas.

    The news of proceedings by the Commission against Spain for harmful levels of air pollution comes at a good time and it is hoped that the petition and report will provide further evidence and focus to the Commission as to where some of the excessive pollution it is targeting emanates from.

    Due to its size Mr Larson’s report will be sent individually