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  • Plataforma meets to plan itinerary of action

    After the CEPSA upset on Sunday, the ESG attended the third scheduled meeting of La Plataforma por el estudio epidemiológico on behalf of the Bay Bucket Brigade. The meeting was well attended, no doubt galvanised by the alarming flaring which took place at the refinery plant the day before.

    The issue of the excessive flaring featured on the agenda with the ESG offering to produce a translation of a fact file on flaring supplied to them by the Bucket Brigade on what communities should know. This leaflet will be distributed at upcoming actions and events organised by La Plataforma.

    The focus of the meeting was on the urgent need for an open and effective health study to be done on the communities in the Bay. Several decisions were made; among these was the imminent publication in local and Spanish media of a document prepared by the ESG of an overview of the situation in the Bay. The document is addressed to Stavros Dimas, the European Environment Commissioner, and will be copied to MEP’s and other officials.

    On the 3rd of June, in recognition of World Environment Day on the 5th, La Plataforma is asking for support for a protest to be held outside the offices of La Junta in Algeciras. The protest will seek to create awareness of the need for an appropriate and effective health study to be done in the Bay

    On the 7th June Professor Benach is visiting the Bay to give a presentation of his latest public health studies. This is being organised by VERDEMAR on behalf of La Plataforma and the venue will again be in Algeciras in “La Escuela de Derecho”. Details will be made available in the media closer to the time. AGADEN will host a press conference on behalf of La Plataforma ahead of the Professor’s visit to inform the public on the issues

    On the 12th June, the Plataforma will meet again and review progress and plan further actions as necessary. I

    There were many other matters discussed at the meeting with specific issues raised by afflicted employees from Bay industry and medics present. The question was again discussed of the need to take a number of blood and urine samples of people in the worst affected residential areas and this is now being researched further for possible action.

    Finally, and although short notice, the ESG wishes to notify the community that a wider coalition of Environmental bodies from Andalucia and Extremadura are to hold a protest outside La Junta’s offices in Sevilla, this coming Sunday 28th May. The purpose of the protest is to show that co-operation between NGO’s is growing within the Iberian Peninsula. It is recognised that unity is strength and can only further the aims and objectives of each NGO fighting for the same goals in their area. It is true to recognise that far from giving up, people everywhere will continue to insist on environmental and social justice and a right to a safe and clean environment.