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  • Plataforma meeting calls for action

    The recent campaign launched by the ESG and our counterparts in the Campo de Gibraltar asking for an epidemiological study, which gathered 13,500 signatures was completed some weeks ago and handed in to the Gibraltar Govt and La Junta de Andalucia as well as to MEP Neil Parish.

    The response to the campaign asking for an independent and transparent epidemiological study highlighted the concern and anxiety expressed by an increasing number of people on both sides of the border on the high levels of pollution and the very negative impact that this might be having on the health of the population.

    Now that the municipal Elections in Spain are over, we urge the Comision Mixta, of which the Gibraltar Government forms part, to initiate this study without further delay. The results of a totally independent and transparent study will either allay people’s concerns of existing and past pollution levels not having any significant negative impact on people’s health, OR, if the contrary is the case the authorities on both sides of the border will be in a much better position to address the pollution at source.

    Concerned citizens would welcome the Comision Mixta to say whether it intends to move on this urgent and important matter.