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  • ‘Plataforma’ for an epidemiological study

    On the 2nd March 2006 a new coalition was formed comprising an initial 14 different organisations from the Bay. These were:

    1. AGADEN (Asociacion Gaditana para la Defensa y Estudio de la Naturaleza)
    2. Asociaciones de Vecinos de Algeciras
    3. Ayuntamiento de la Linea
    4. Colegio de Medicos
    5. CGT
    6. CC.OO
    7. Derechos Humanos
    8. ESG (Environmental Safety Group-Gibraltar)
    9. Izquierda Unida
    10. Partido Popular
    11. Partido Andalucista
    12. Partido San Roqueno Independiente
    13. UGT
    14. VERDEMAR

    A new plataforma was formed in a constructive and positive manner with a clear common goal for a safer environment and not against anyone or any particular industry: that as organisations and citizens we have a right to expect and demand information from the public health officials as to what studies are being conducted in the Bay. Questions will be put to the health officials as to what form the Epidemiological Study will take which must be done to confirm or dispel the concerns of the higher than average mortality and cancers in this zone due to the excessive pollution.

    The following was agreed:-

    1. To request a meeting with the Public health officials from Cadiz/Sevilla to be given information on what studies and actions are being done with respect to the promised Epidemiological study

    2. Give the officials until the end of the month to respond

    3. Organise spokespeople on behalf of the three environmental groups present who have been tackling pollution issues in depth for some time now.

    The ESG was pleased to have gone and considers this is a good vehicle to press for the necessary studies.

    It will now contact the other Bucket Brigade members to invite their support in this effort.