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  • On the screening of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

    With three full house screenings of the documentary on global warming, the ESG considers that the event, which showed one of the most important films travelling the globe at present, to have been a complete success.

    Comprehensive and College students alike commented on how concerned they were about what they saw and heard, but agreed it was important to debate these issues out in the open and to try and address them.

    The later showings saw many people leaving evidently moved by what they had seen and keen to see more action taken to help preserve our environment and prevent the worst potential outcomes of climate change.

    It is sincerely hoped that by bringing this important film to Gibraltar, the debate on this issue will gather ever more momentum and will see action and decisive steps taken by our Government, encouraged and supported by the community, to reduce our overall contributions to climate change.

    Al Gore showed us it can be done, by referring as an example to the potentially devastating impacts from the use of CFC products on the hole in the ozone layer and how governments, businesses and industry worked together to put a stop to this problem.

    He suggested, that while climate change is a wider issue, the same approach is needed to “change” the attitude we have at present in order to move away from our damaging lifestyles towards a more ethical and sustainable way of life in recognition of the fact that without such awareness and correction of our impacts, we risk our very existence on this planet.

    It is up to us – our generation- to recognise this and to act upon it and leave our children facing a safer and brighter future.

    Thanks to:- The ESG wishes to recognise and thank the individuals in its
    Committee who worked long and hard to ensure this big event ran smoothly
    and of course to the event sponsors: AquaGib, BMI, BWin, Castiel Winser, Charles Gomez & Co., Fabian Picardo, Lewis Stagnetto Ltd, Ocean Village, Taylor Woodrow and TSN. Also, thanks to GONHS and the Nature Shop for providing a ticket outlet. The ESG is grateful also to Healthwise for assisting with the provision of organic foodstuffs and to WRSM for providing us with posters. Finally thanks to all of you who came and supported the event.