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  • NGO’s to put environmental issues on Tripartite Table

    Environmental NGO’s: ESG, GONHS and AGADEN have jointly prepared a dossier which has been submitted to No.6, Convent Place today to be handed to the three separate technical teams meeting under the banner of the Tripartite Forum.

    The groups have long been campaigning for action to be taken at a cross-border level on various environmental issues. We believe the prospect for cooperation within the Forum represents a very important opportunity for progress on a number of critical environmental issues.

    The NGO’s have considered it important to submit this dossier well ahead of the full ministerial meeting next spring/summer so that the key environmental concerns held by the groups can be given proper consideration. The topics prioritised are:

    Epidemiological Studies;
    Bay Industrial Activity;
    Management of Bay Waters;
    Biosphere Reserve;
    Unprotected Areas

    The NGO’s further hope to be able to present a formal memorandum for the attention of the ministers prior to the high level meeting next year.