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    “The EIA report referred to by GBC this week on global carbon consumption figures suggests that Gibraltar leads the world in having the highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption and flaring of fossil fuels. This is misleading in that the explanation is likely to be linked with the vast amount of fuel sold locally for export for Spanish cars and of course, our bunkering service for international shipping.

    Our small population size then takes care of apportioning this high “energy” consumption, by way of handling, to a per capita level of 160 metric tons, far outreaching any other country in the world. Including the amount of fuel sold to non-native residents in these calculations would also explain the distorted carbon dioxide emissions per capita in Luxembourg. Like in Gibraltar fuel is less expensive than in the neighbouring countries which explains why Luxembourg has 26,3 per capita while the average German, Belgian or Frenchman “only” produces 10.4,14.2, 6.6 per capita carbon dioxide metric tons per year.

    While Gibraltar may not be emitting such high carbon dioxide levels locally, it carries a responsibility for the impact this will have elsewhere and on climate change. We must also realise that fuel economy is finite with cheap oil in the decline making this an unsustainable industry. The ESG believes Gibraltar should be developing alternative and sustainable economies which will also help slow down the worst impacts from global warming- new statements issued only this week by Climate Change scientists in Copenhagen reiterate the need for urgent and collective action on our carbon emissions- we appear to be heading headlong in the other direction with no cohesive plan for change.”