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    The ESG welcomes the recent announcement by Government of a Climate Change forum.

    The science surrounding climate change is fairly well understood as is Gibraltar’s small, but nevertheless local and increasing contribution to global greenhouse gases; a subject of ongoing ESG campaigns both on grounds of pollution (with its health impacts and energy inefficiency) and CO2 emissions.

    The Gibraltar Governments’ public statement on meeting Kyoto Protocol Targets while applying to the EU emissions trading scheme with a projected doubling of our CO2 emissions is in conflict.

    It is hoped that a forum on climate change in Gibraltar will help accelerate the conversion to renewable energy and use of energy efficient technologies without which, any significant reductions to our own CO2 levels will not be achieved.

    One important role for the forum will undoubtedly be to scientifically assess the potential impacts from climate change on Gibraltar’s landscape. A report such as that produced by Sir Nicholas Stern, an expert economist, has helped raise the fearful spectre of what a “business as usual” attitude could ultimately cost in financial terms and economic security. The report recommends action TODAY and we urge our own Government and ancillary expert panels and forums to also adopt this sense of urgency.

    It is hoped too that the ESG will play some role in this important debate which we have undoubtedly help develop in Gibraltar culminating with the screening today of “An Inconvenient Truth”, a documentary setting out the shocking realities of climate change and currently making a huge impact across the globe.