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  • ESG newsletter 2008

    The ESG has recently released its latest newsletter to its members -a comprehensive document which provides an update on many of the groups’ core issues. Among these are: the Govt response to an Epidemiological Study, publication of a report on Climate Change also by Govt, and our call for wider public consultation; and the welcoming, finally, of recycling bins and bicycle racks on the streets of Gibraltar.

    A reminder to everyone about the clean up weekend is also included, with the dates this year being the 20th and 21st September. A mention is also made of the two clean ups already done in 2008 at Victoria stadium and Little Bay. It is important to note that since the very first clean up in 2005, major improvements have been seen in specific areas. (Mediterranean Steps and Europa Advance Road are some examples):-
    However, littering and fly tipping is a constant problem, with enforcement and policing yet to be stepped up and applied in any meaningful manner.

    A reminder is included of the ITWMC campaign launched in 2007 on traffic issues which this year falls on the 16th to 22nd September. NO2PB, or No to Plastic Bags, is mentioned as is an anti-litter poster campaign run via the schools and during the summer months called “Use the Bins”!
    Bunkering fumes, maritime activity (and accidents) and cross border port controls also feature with an update on the CEPSA refinery campaign.

    Summer brings increased demand on power as air conditioning units are on full blast to combat high temperatures. Pollution from power stations all located near residential areas, increase too with, at times, intolerable air quality- news of the new monitoring unit set up at Witham’s Road and now online is also included (www.gibraltarairquality.gi).

    There are links in the newsletter to useful resources such as a Greenpeace report on polluted hotspots in Spain which includes a section on our Bay. Another is to Denny Larson’s (Bucket Brigade) technical assessment of the refinery; both available on the ESG website: esg-gib.net.

    Finally a reference is made to the possible loss of Pinar Del Rey and calls for support for any future protests.

    The ESG newsletter has prompted many of its members to quickly renew their memberships with comments like:” Thank You! Keep up the Good Work! Keep on educating!” &, “Grateful for your hard work and commitment, keep it up!” Another stated; “Slowly but surely one can see progress on many fronts-“ while referring to the recycling bins, bicycle racks and epidemiological studies as signs of such progress- this member also finished by congratulating the ESG on these achievements. The group is spurred on by such responses.

    Some members have also asked the ESG to step up its campaign on the airport expansion, local development, sea water quality, and seagulls. Coastal engineering and land reclamation projects (esp. eastside), are also a concern. This feedback is highly valued and will be reviewed as we head into autumn

    We hope to recruit new members and will persist in our campaigns to see much needed environmental changes in Gibraltar.

    Please go to www.esg-gib.net for a look at the 2008 newsletter and a membership form.