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  • ESG and first public discussion on climate change

    On Wednesday night people crowded into Sacarello’s Coffee House for an open discussion on climate change. “A local perspective on an inconvenient truth” was organised by the Environmental Safety Group and encouraged some lively and interesting discussions among panel members and the public in attendance. Around 100 people turned up to listen and participate, with the majority of people staying the full two hours.

    People from all different backgrounds participated in what was a productive meeting which generated a lively discussion as to how we can reduce our own carbon footprint in Gibraltar. Issues discussed included: oil dependency, renewable energy use, traffic, pollution and quality of life. Other topics covered were: the importance of politicians in effecting change; the influence and impact of environmental groups such as the ESG, GONHS & Friends of the Earth; the role of the media; and education.

    There was consensus that the people of Gibraltar have to reduce their contribution to climate change. Although many promising options were considered, it was not clear what the best course of action was for achieving this. So, as the session came reluctantly to a close, it was clear that there is an appetite and need for public discussions of this sort on climate change and the need for local action. The ESG has every intention of organising another in the not too distant future when specific measures and projects will be on the agenda.

    Thanks to Sacarello’s Coffee House for their support and warm hospitality.