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  • Environmental petition extended until mid-April

    “La Plataforma por El Estudio Epidemiológico” met last week, on 18th January, and a signature count for the petition requesting the epidemiological study was conducted. With 10,000 signatures collected so far in the Bay it was agreed that a further effort would be made to increase this figure. It was also decided to extend the signature-collecting period until 19th April 2007, when a final recount will take place. On a date yet to be fixed the signatures will be presented to the Chief Minister and to the pertinent authorities in Spain.

    What is the petition for:

    The petition which is being signed by citizens of Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar, calls upon La Comision Mixta, (of which Gibraltar forms an integral part) and La Junta de Andalucia, to undertake an epidemiological study in the Bay for the communities who share a common environment. This is supported by the Government of Gibraltar. Such a study should look at the risk factors which could and is affecting the health and quality of life of the citizens. We are asking that this study be carried out in a transparent and rigorous manner by an independent scientific entity, and should aim to clarify the reasons why people who live around the Bay suffer a higher incidence of cancer and have a shorter life span than those who live in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. This was established in a report called the “Atlas of Mortality” compiled by Professor Benach. We do not know whether these statistics also apply to Gibraltar, but given our proximity to the huge industrial complex in our vicinity, we have every reason to be concerned.

    We call upon all residents to co-operate by signing our petition.