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  • Do you want to push for better health in Gibraltar?

    The E.S.G. is again organising a symbolic, awareness-raising cycle ride from the doors of O.E.S.C.O. generating station, to the wind turbines of Facinas, in the Tarifa area. This event will also raise some funds for GBC Open Day and the public are invited to support the cyclists through sponsorship.

    The ride iself will highlight the urgent need to improve power generation in Gibraltar so that it has a minimal health impact. In this case time is not money, but a much more valuable “commodity” – HEALTH! Our health and the health of our families, needs to be protected from the dirty and noisy power plants that many of us have literally on our doorsteps.

    There are several options available, including clean-burning and filtered modern combustion plants, as well as renewable energy systems based on solar and wind power. Yet, Government appears hell bent on replacing existing plants with modern versions of the same technology instead of using this rare opportunity to invest in the best and cleanest available technology to meet growing energy needs.

    At present, both GibElec (GibV) and O.E.S.C.O. (a private company operating from New Harbours that makes a handsome profit selling electricity to the Government) use old diesel engines which run round the clock. Apart from causing a severe noise nuisance (as nearby residents will testify at the top of their voices!), these engines produce huge quantities of soot and other pollutants that are proven to cause serious health problems such as ASTHMA, IRRITATION OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES, HEART DISEASE and CANCER.

    At the very least, in the interest of public safety, these engines should be run with filters and noise insulation fitted (as promised at our last campaign on this issue during the last elections) whilst new and safe options are evaluated.

    Since the Government of Gibraltar has secured a commitment from the East Side developer to build a new power station, the E.S.G. again urges Govt to seize this opportunity for a healthy change.

    We call for an intelligent, analytical approach that will provide us with power generators that POWER our society rather than POISON IT!

    The group invites anyone interested in taking part to contact Ewen Clinton (Tel: 50530), Jon Scott on 71020 or Janet Howitt (43156). The 5 hour ride will start at 8.30am from OESCO gates on Sunday 4th December. Please contact us beforehand for more details and for a sponsorship form.

    Riders will have vehicular support in case of any problems.

    NB!! The route last year proved very enjoyable as it included a 20km off-road section through unspoilt countryside and a welcome breakfast in a venta.